Brittney Dobbs Kimber Brittney Dobbs Kimber

Strategy Development

While a team supported this effort, I developed and led the overall strategy and brand identity. I continue to lead social media efforts, help with the production of promotional and educational materials, as well as maintain the campaign website.

Live Well Alabama is the social marketing campaign of the Alabama Extension Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program–Education (SNAP–Ed) at Auburn University. The campaign’s messages of Eat Better, Move More, and Make a Change reach tens of thousands of Alabama residents in multiple ways every day. The campaign was branded Live Well Alabama to generate name recognition and establish Alabama Extension SNAP–Ed as a reliable source for nutrition and physical activity information.

The continuing objective of the campaign is to integrate SNAP–Ed resources into the home environments of the target audience through technology already implemented in their daily lives. The goals are to increase awareness of better food and drink choices as well as increase motivation for daily physical activity.

Now in its third year, the Live Well Alabama campaign is a successful component of Alabama Extension SNAP–Ed’s comprehensive multilevel intervention efforts. Through continuous research, brand development and recognition, and implementation of digital and traditional marketing strategies, the Live Well Alabama campaign continues to be successful in engaging and educating the target audience surrounding nutrition and physical activity efforts. Campaign elements include social media profiles across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (@LiveWellAlabama); social media promotional posters and cards; a website (; outdoor billboards; banners and yard signs; brand and logo guidelines; campaign videos; SNAP–Ed educator toolkits; a trailer wrap; a texting initiative; and additional educational materials. All elements are used to create appeal for healthy eating in communities across the state and promote visitors to the Live Well Alabama social media platforms and website for research-based nutrition and physical activity educational content.

This past year, Live Well Alabama social media followers have grown by as much as 56 percent. Content has continued to successfully educate and engage followers. The #FoodFriday Live Well Alabama recipe series garnered strong social media engagement, reaching more than 31,800 people on Facebook alone this year. Most of the website traffic is initiated through social media.



News Writing

Writing press releases, feature stories, and promotional copy has been a part of my work routine for several years. I began writing copy for agency and client projects at Ellis Harper Advertising and small press releases for the local Rotary Club. Now working for Alabama Extension, the art of copy writing comes with ease. I have written more than twenty-five news stories and feature articles within the past year that have been distributed across Alabama. I have also been featured in statewide magazines, one being the Neighbor’s Magazine by the Alabama Farmers Federation.

Current publications of my work can be found on the Alabama Extension website.


Website Maintenance

Within the last two years, Alabama Extension redesigned their website to better meet consumer and accessibility needs. During this process, I was assigned to transfer all Alabama 4-H website content. This included navigation and page build out, uploading page copy, images, event promotions, videos, and publications. Each week I work to keep this portion of the website up-to-date to ensure all program materials are kept current and meet accessibility guidelines.

View the entire Alabama 4-H website here.

Prior to my time with Extension, I have developed and maintained personal websites as well as client sites during my time at Ellis Harper Advertising. I am familiar with HTML coding, but am more comfortable working within a WordPress content management system.


Graphic Design, Publications, and Print Production

Being part of a communications and marketing unit means wearing many hats. From lead project manager to copy editor to designer, the task at hand varies on a daily basis.

While working with the Alabama SNAP–Ed team, I developed the look and feel of their annual report series. At the request of team leaders, bright colors and an infographic approach were to grab the attention of stakeholders and set this annual report apart. Since 2016, the program has created variations of the design shown to the right to keep things consistent, but also to differentiate between each fiscal year.

The annual reports were displayed on the Live Well Alabama website as well as printed and distributed to county Extension offices. I not only designed the layout, but also worked closely with vendors to coordinate print production.

In addition to SNAP–Ed projects, the processes and requests for Alabama 4-H materials go hand-in-hand.

Recently, I designed the annual impact report series for 4-H. At the request of program leadership, the series was to be distributed across the Alabama 4-H website, promoted on Alabama 4-H social media profiles Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@alabama4h), as well as printed for distribution.

This series developed into ten reports featuring the various program areas of 4-H (animal science, leadership and citizenship, STEM, outdoor education, among others). Each program area received its own report in order to quickly communicate with stakeholders about specific program needs as well as share successes of Alabama 4-H young people and team members.

Click to view an Alabama 4-H impact report website content piece or view an individual report PDF.

To view the entire 4-H impact report series, please visit the Alabama 4-H website.